Soap Making Machine

We have soap making machine to make laundry soap and toilet soap. The soap making machine from our comapny produce soap sa soap noodle as raw material. We slao have saponification equipment to make soap noodles from oil. Our soap making machine can make laundry soap and toilet soap with different size and shape, our machine can make soap with 40-80% fatty acide content.
  • 500kg/h Laundry Soap Production Line

    High working efficiency to amke good quality laundry soap from soap noodle Easy to install, operate and maintain Make high grade lanudry soap with 50-65% fatty acid content
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  • Laundry Soap Making Line

    100-150kg/h output for laundry bar soap, automatic working, final laundry soap shape and size adjustable, print logo on the soap bar.
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  • Pillow Type Soap Packing Machine

    To pack laundry and toilet soap into plastic bags, automatic make bag from plastic film roll, PLC control.
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  • Bar Soap Processing Line

    processing line to make toilet soap or laundry bar soap, capacity 100-150kg/h, 300-800kg/h or 1000-2000kg/h
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  • Automatic Soap Packing Machine

    Automatic packing, Pillow type bag, plastic film packing material, pack toilet soap or laundry soap into bags. High packing accuracy, bag length adjustable, PLC control.
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  • Automatic Laundry Soap Making Machine

    This is a production line to make laundry soap use oil as raw material, the saponification equipment make soap noodle from oil and the and lanudry soap production line make lanudry soap from soap noodle. The process include saponification step, mixing step, milling step,...
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  • Small Laundry Soap Production Line

    100kg/h small laundry soap production line, automatic working, small install place, electricity and labour saving. Length, width of soap can adjustable, can print your logo on the soap
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  • Big Laundry Soap Production Line

    1000-2000kg/h output adjustable, final soap size adjustable, available to print logo
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  • Small Laundry Soap Making Machine

    Small laundry soap making machine, vacuum process to improve make the soap bar more compact and beautiful, have 100kg/h small capacity for starter, 300-800kg/h medium capacity and 1000-2000kg/h big capacity, the lower screw is powered by a speed adjustable motor to adjust the...
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  • Soap Printing And Cutting Machine

    Automatic printing and cutting, cutting length adjustable from 40-400mm.
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  • Small Toilet Soap Production Line

    200-500kg and 500-800kg/g tiolet soap production line, make toilet soap from soap noodle, change the mold can make toilet soap with different shape
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  • Soap Manufacturing Plant

    Soap Manufacturing Plant, can make both laundry soap and toilet soap from one production line. Size of soap can adjustable We have one small scale plant and one large scale plant for your choice.
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