Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill is the main machine to make wood pellets and other kind of biofuel pellets, we have horizontal ring die wood pellet mill, vertical ring die wood pellet mill, flat die wood pellet mill and diesel engine wood pellet mill.
  • Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

    Horizontal ring die pellet mill, the most popular pellet mill among the three kind pellet mills. Mature technology, stable working status, high efficiency for both soft and hard raw material. Ring die with special compression ratio according to different kind raw...
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  • MZLH420 Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

    produce wood pellet with high output and low electricity consumption, longer lifetime ring die, each ring die can make 800-1000 tons pellets, equip with international name brand bearing, automatic lubricator optional for lubricate the bearings
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  • Small Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

    Ring die structure, gearbox transmission system, produce high quanlity wood pellets.
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  • Industrial Ring Die Pellet Press

    Industrial ring die pellet press Pelleting is a process to press finely grinded biomass material into firm pellets of a required shape and size by extruding it through a metallic ring die. The raw material is fed into the ring die pellet press through a conveyor and then...
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  • Diesel Ring Die Pellet Mill

    Diesel ring die pelelt mill, gearbox transmission, automatic start, automatic lubrication, named brand gearbox, double lifetime ring die
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  • Combined Pellet Mill

    Combination of hammer mill and pellet mill use one motor to drive two machines. 100-150kg/h,200-250kg/h,250-300kg/h,capacity for your choice can make pellets from 12-15% moisture content biomass material
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  • Mobile Small Wood Pellet Plant

    Diesel engine drive, hammer mill and pellet all in one machine, the whole plant can be mobile
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  • Vertical Ring Die Pellet Machine

    Vertical ring die pellet machine, good pellet mill to produce pellets from low bulk density raw material like: peanut shell, sunflower husk, rice husk., etc Vertical structure, rotating rollers stable ring die can get centrifugal force in pelletizing room, thus low bulk...
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  • Electric Flat Die Pellet Mill

    What is electric flat die pellet mill Flat die pellet mill is one of the three main kind pellet mills, it is also called small pellet mill, because the shape of the die is a disc shape, so it got name of flat die pellet mill. The electric flat die pellet mill is use electric...
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  • Diesel Flat Die Pellet Mill

    Knowledge of diesel flat die pellet mill Diesel flat die pellet mill is a kind of flat die pellet mill, just change the electric motor into diesel engine, to give possibility to move the machine, especially for farmers, they can move the machine to farm and make pellets near...
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  • PTO Pellet Mill

    PTO pellet mill, a good pellet machine for farmers, use a PTO transmission shaft connect the pellet mill head to tractor, the tractor can bring the pellet mill to anywhere to make pellets.
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