Small Wood Pellet Line

Produce wood pellets in small scale, capable to handle different wood material. Home usage or pellet mill owner for baginners. Low investment, small factory building needed....

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Small Wood Pellet Line


The small wood pellet line is suitable for starter to make pellets and who want to make pellets in small scale or for home usage.  Especially in Europe and North American, people make pellets to burn in fireplace for home heating and make pellets for community using, this small wood pellet line is your good choice.

We have 200kg/h, 300-400kg/h, 400-500kg/h small wood pellet line for your choice.

The small wood pellet line only need a small area to install, easy to operate, low electricity consumption, and possible to use many different kind of raw material to make pellets.

Wood logs, tree branches, sawdust, wood chips, waste wood, straw, coocnut shell, rice husk, corn stalk, wheat stalk, peanut shell, etc, many kind of biomass material can make pellets with this small wood pellet line.

This small wood pellet line consist wood crusher or hammer mill to grinding the raw material to 5mm size. According to the features of your raw material choose a suitable machine to grind it, flash dryer to dry the raw material to 12-15% moisture, screw conveyor to transfer the material into pellet mill then use flat die pellet mill to make pellets.

If your raw material is already sawdust, you do not need the wood crusher or hammer mill.

If your raw material moisture is lower than 15%, you do not need the dryer.

Machine list and specification of 400-500kg/h small wood pellet line:

1. Wood crusher/Hammer mill

Wood crusher.jpgThe wood crusher/Hammer mill is used to grinding the raw material to <5mm size. If your raw material is wood logs, tree branches or bamboo, the wood crusher is your good choice, because a wood crusher can make sawdust from wood logs or tree branches or bamboo directly. If your raw material is straw, coconut shell, peanut shell, corn cobs, corn or wheat stalk, wood chips, wood residues, wasted wood., etc a hammer mill is much more better to grinding them. If you have different kind of raw material to make pellets, and the raw material have different sizes, a doublet inlet crusher machine is best choice, because the doublet inlet crusher machine have both function of wood crusher and hammer mill.



Motor power

Blades quantity





2. Flash dryer

201805221354116167490.jpgFlash dryer also called pipe dryer, a biomass drying machine suitable to dry small size biomass material like sawdust, wood powder. In 400-500kg/h small pellet line a pipe dryer is economical, since the cost of such a dryer is low and takes smaller place to install.  The flash dryer is capable to dry the moisture of biomass material from 30-35% to 12-15% directly. If your raw material moisture is high, lets say higher than 45% it is better choose a rotary drum dryer instead of the flash dryer.



Motor power






3. Electric flat die pellet mill

Flat die pellet mill.jpg

Electric flat die pellet mill is suitable to make pellets in small scale, it is the best solution for the pelletizing part of small wood pellet line.

It is efficient to make pellets from the dried grinded biomass material.

It can make 6mm, 8mm, 10mm diameter pellets. As nowadays 6mm wood pellet is the most popular.

According to your different kind of raw material we can calculate the best compression ratio of flat die to make high quality wood pellets.



Motor power






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