• 2t/h sawdust pellet production line
  • Flat die feed pellet machine
  • Horizontal ring die pellet mill

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Zhengzhou Fanda Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional pellet machinery and wood working machinery manufacture. We have engineer team, production team and sales team to produce machinery and deliver machines all over the world. We are mainly produce and supply wood debarking machine, wood chippers, hammer mills, pellet mills, pellet coolers, pellet packing machines, conveyors, pellet production lines and pellet machine spare parts.
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Hot Products

  • Wood Sawdust Machine

    Wood Sawdust Machine to turn wood logs, tree branches, wasted wood into sawdust with high productivity.

  • Horizontal Ring Die P...

    Horizontal ring die pellet mill, the most popular pellet mill among the three kind pellet mills. Mature technology, stable working status, high...

  • Ring Die Feed Pellet ...

    Ring die feed pellet machine, an important machine to make animal, livestocks, poultry feed pellet. Horizontal structure, machine easy to operate...

  • Fish Feed Pellet Extr...

    Dry type fish feed extruder, wet type fish feed extruder machine to make floating and sinking feed for fish, shrim, crab. Easy operate, good...

  • Sawdust Pellet Produc...

    Sawdust pellet line, simple machines flowchart, low invest with good quality pellets and high profit. Easy operate, suitable for beginners for...

  • 500kg/h Laundry Soap ...

    High working efficiency to amke good quality laundry soap from soap noodle Easy to install, operate and maintain Make high grade lanudry soap...


  • Wood Pellet Mill

    Wood pellet mill is the main machine to make wood pellets and other kind of biofuel pellets, we have horizontal ring die wood pellet mill, vertical ring die wood pellet mill, flat die wood pellet mill and diesel engine wood pellet mill.

  • Feed Pellet Machine

    Feed pellet machine is used to produce animal feed, poultry feed, livestock feed, pet feed and auqatic feed. We have ring die feed pellet machine, flat die feed pellet machine and fish feed extruder. The ring die feed pellets can produce animal, livestock, poultry feed in large quantity. The flat die feed pellet machine suitable for home usage and farmers produce feed in small scale. The fish feed extruder can make pet feed and aquatic feed for fish, cra, shrimp.

  • Biofuel Pellet Line

    Biofle pellet line is complete production line to make wood pellets and other biomass pellets. We have biofuel pellet line with different capacity for example 500kg/h, 1t/h, 1.5t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h, 4-5t/h., etc. The biofuel pellet line can make biofuel pellets from different kind of biomass material with 6mm,8mm, 10mm, 12mm diameter.

  • Soap Making Machine

    We have soap making machine to make laundry soap and toilet soap. The soap making machine from our comapny produce soap sa soap noodle as raw material. We slao have saponification equipment to make soap noodles from oil. Our soap making machine can make laundry soap and toilet soap with different size and shape, our machine can make soap with 40-80% fatty acide content.


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