• Wood Sawdust Machine

    Wood Sawdust Machine to turn wood logs, tree branches, wasted wood into sawdust with high productivity.
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  • Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Mill

    Horizontal ring die pellet mill, the most popular pellet mill among the three kind pellet mills. Mature technology, stable working status, high efficiency for both soft and hard raw material. Ring die with special compression ratio according to different kind raw...
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  • Ring Die Feed Pellet Machine

    Ring die feed pellet machine, an important machine to make animal, livestocks, poultry feed pellet. Horizontal structure, machine easy to operate and maintain. Equipped with conditioner to cook the material, final pellets is easy to digest for animal. Assemble hammer mill,...
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  • Fish Feed Pellet Extruder

    Dry type fish feed extruder, wet type fish feed extruder machine to make floating and sinking feed for fish, shrim, crab. Easy operate, good quality final pellets. We also design fish feed pellet plant include hammer mill, mixer, extruder, pellet dryer, pellet cooler,...
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  • Sawdust Pellet Production Line

    Sawdust pellet line, simple machines flowchart, low invest with good quality pellets and high profit. Easy operate, suitable for beginners for pellet making.
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  • 500kg/h Laundry Soap Production Line

    High working efficiency to amke good quality laundry soap from soap noodle Easy to install, operate and maintain Make high grade lanudry soap with 50-65% fatty acid content
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  • Water Drop Hammer Mill

    Water drop hammer mill, a high stablity and good quality hammer mill for wood chips, peanut shell, rice husk, grain, sunflower husk., etc. Most popular hammer mill in wood pellet line and animal feed pellet plants. Brand name bearings, constant speed feeding, chain reaction...
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  • MZLH420 Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

    produce wood pellet with high output and low electricity consumption, longer lifetime ring die, each ring die can make 800-1000 tons pellets, equip with international name brand bearing, automatic lubricator optional for lubricate the bearings
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  • Laundry Soap Making Line

    100-150kg/h output for laundry bar soap, automatic working, final laundry soap shape and size adjustable, print logo on the soap bar.
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  • Small Wood Pellet Line

    Produce wood pellets in small scale, capable to handle different wood material. Home usage or pellet mill owner for baginners. Low investment, small factory building needed.
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  • Small Feed Production Line

    Applied ring die pellet mill in the production line to make pellets, simple structure low investment, low power consumption and small land needed for the installation.
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  • Small Ring Die Feed Pellet Mill

    Ring die pellet mill equipped with conditioner to make high quality feed pellets. Suitable for small business, home usage and farmer.
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