Soap Manufacturing Plant

Soap Manufacturing Plant, can make both laundry soap and toilet soap from one production line. Size of soap can adjustable We have one small scale plant and one large scale plant for your choice....

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Soap Manufacturing Plant

Soap manufacturing plant is designed to make laundry soap and toilet soap from soap noodle. It can make soap with different fatty acid content. From one production line can make both laundry soap and toilet soap, only the printing-cutting machine is different, the other machine is same. From the mixer control the zeolite and sodium silicate adding quantity to adjust the fatty acid content.

Soap Manufacturing Plant.jpgLaundry soap printing and cutting machine.jpgToilet soap printing cutting machine.jpg


Flowchart of soap manufacturing plant

Soap Manufacturing plant advantages:

1. Use one production line can make two kinds of final soap (laundry soap and toilet soap)

2. Raw material (mainly soap noodle) is easy to get form market

3. Easy to control the fatty acid percentage, thus to produce soap with different quality.

4. Can cut the soap to different size and different shape, at the same time can print logo on the soap

5. Automatic production line, easy to operate, labor and electricity saving 

6. Small installation place: length 25 meters, width 8 meters, height 3.5 meters. This place include the working area for labor and storage place for raw material and final soap

Output of soap manufacturing plant:

We have two kind of production line: one is small scale soap manufacturing plant, the other is large scale soap manufacturing plane.

The small scale soap manufacturing plant output is: 50-150kg/h for laundry soap

The middle scale soap manufacturing plant output is: 300-800kg/h for laundry soap

The large scale soap manufacturing plant output is: 1000-2000kg/h for laundry soap

Soap manufacturing plant main machine pictures:

Mixer.jpgSimplex refiner.jpgDuplex vacuum plodder.jpg

Mixer                  Simplex refiner and three roll mill                    Duplex cacuum plodder

Laundry soap printing and cutting machine..jpgToilet soap printing cutting machine..jpgpacking machine.jpg

Laundry soap/Toilet soap cutting & printing machine               Packing machine                         Electric panel

Laundry soap.jpgToilet soap.jpg

      Laundry soap                                                                                 Toilet soap

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