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What is difference between wood pellet making machine and feed pellet making machine
Oct 20, 2016

Wood pellet making machine have ring die and flat die, feed pellet making machine also have difference on ring die and flat die.

The wood pellet mill is to produce biomass fuel pellets from biomass material, the feed pellet mill is produce animal/livestock/poultry feed pellets from grain and other formula.

Flat die pellet mill, to produce wood pellets the machine is almost the same, just the flat die is different. Because make different size pellets the hole on flat die is different.

That is to say, for one flat die pellet mill, by chnage the flat die you can change to make wood pellets and feed pellets.

Ring die pellet mill, to make feed pellets use horizontal ring die pellet mill.

  1. the ring die is different, to make feed pellets the ring die is made of stainless steel 4Cr13, to make wood pellets the ring die is made of alloy steel 20CrMnTi. 

  2. the roller shell is different, to make wood pellets and feed pellets the pattern of bulge on roller shells is different, because to make wood pellets the pressure from rollers to ring die is higher than to make feed pellets

  3. the main shaft rotating speed is different

  4. feeding system is different, to make wood pellets on top of pellet mill mainbody there is a feeding auger, this auger feed raw material into pelletizing room, the speed is controllable by VFD. To make feed pellets on top of pellet mill there have a conditioner, when machine working there have a boiler connect to this conditioner and steam will go through the conditioner together with mesh raw material. The setam is to ripen the raw material, so that the final pellets is easier to digest by animals.

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