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Wood pellets machine application
Jan 14, 2016

The wood pellet machine aslo called wood pellet mill, wood pelletizer, wood pellet making machine and wood pellet press machine., etc.

It is used to produce biomass fuel pellets.

The raw material can be wood logs, tree branches, wood residues, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, coconut shell, sugarcane bagasse, rice husk, EFB (empty fruit bunch), PKS (palm kernal shell), straw, grass, peanut shell, sunflower husk, cron stalk, cotton stalk, corncob., biomass material.

Before feed these material to make pellets it need to meet moisture 12-15%, size <5mm, because this is the best features of raw material to make pellets.

If the moisture >15%, the best solution is add biomass dryer before pellet mill to dry the raw material.

If the size >5mm, the best solution is add hammer mill or wood chipper and wood crusher before pellet mill.

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