Soap Printing And Cutting Machine

Automatic printing and cutting, cutting length adjustable from 40-400mm....

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Soap Printing and Cutting Machine

Soap printing and cutting machine is an important machine in soap production to print logo on the soap and cutting the soap to different size.

1. The speed of the machine is decide by the soap bar move speeding from the extruding machine, during the soap bar moving forward it push the printing molds to get printed and with soap bar continue move forward to the cutter, the cutter will cut the soap bar to the length set in the PLC. 

2. There is logo or symbol on the mold, during the soap bar moving forward from the two wheels, it can printing or stamping the logo and symbol on the soap bar. It is easy to change the mold thus to change the logo or symbol.

  From the machine cut adjust the gap between the two molds, thus to fit soap with different thickness or height. 



3. Automatic printing and cutting controlled by the PLC system, from the screen can set the cutting length, this machine can cut the soap with length of 40-400mm.

4. Because the cutting speed is changeable, so it can meet the cutting requirement on the 100kg/h soap production line, 300-800kg/h soap production line and 1000-2000kg/h soap production line.


5. The dimension of this machine is: 800x360x800mm

6. The weight of the machine is 58Kg

7. The motor power of the machine is 1kw

8. The cutter is controlled by a stepless speed regulating servo motor, the rotating speed of cutter decide the cutting length

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