Small Laundry Soap Making Machine

Small Laundry Soap Making Machine

Small laundry soap making machine, vacuum process to improve make the soap bar more compact and beautiful, have 100kg/h small capacity for starter, 300-800kg/h medium capacity and 1000-2000kg/h big capacity, the lower screw is powered by a speed adjustable motor to adjust the rotating speed and output...

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Small Laundry Soap Making Machine

Laundry soap making machine is an important machine in laundry soap and toilet soap production line, it is used to extrude laundry bar from the preprocessed soap noodle and pigment, the extruding process applied double layer screw press, the upper layer screw can refine the raw material to make the soap bar compact and the surface of soap bar more smooth, the other screw is powered by a electromagnetic speed-adjustable motor, which can adjust the rotating speed and output. This extruding machine applied vacuum process, a vacuum pump connect to the pressing chamber, the pump extract the air and water from the raw material before soap bar shaped, thus to make the soap not easy to crack.

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Small Laundry Soap Making Machine Technical Data


Upper screw motor5.5kw7.5kw 11kw
Lower screw motor7.5kw speed adjustable
11kw speed adjustable22kw speed adjustable
Plodder screw diameter200mm230mm300mm

The laundry soap making machine is usually assembled with the mixer, three roll grinding mill, printing-cutting machine and conveyor to make a laundry soap production line.

The laundry soap production line can make soap bar from soap noodle directly and cut the soap bar into soap with the size you want and print logo on the soap.

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Laundry soap production line

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