• Aquatic Feed Pellet Plant

    Make different kind of aquatic feed pellets with high quality and efficiency
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  • Pet Feed Pellet Mill

    Make feed pellet for pet like dog, fish, cat, bird, rabbit., etc and poultry like chicken, goose, duck, pigeon and so on. It can make feed pellets with different shape, such as: round shape, triangle shape, cross shape, three prism curve shape, square shape, quincunx shape,...
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  • Rice Husk Pellet Plant

    Make bio fuel pellets from riuce husk is easy, only need to start from pellet mill. Rice husk pellets is good fuel source for powerplants, nowadays rice husk pellets is also suing for animal bedding.
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  • Vertical Ring Die Pellet Plant

    Vertical ring die pellet plant is more and more popular. The machine itself is much suitable for soft material like straw and grass. Starw pellets can be fuel for powerplants, home heating and so on. The lifetime of ring die is longer. Automatic grease lubrication system...
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  • 4-5t/H Biomass Pellet Line

    Big capacity pellet line, produce pellets in industry purpose. We provide detailed factory drawing before order, send engineer team to install the pellet line after delivery, provide overseas after sell service. Ideal pellet line for pellet plant investor
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  • Wood Debarking Machine

    Wood debarking machine, peel the barks of wood logs with high peeling rate. Double roller, high strength teeth.
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  • Counterflow Pellet Cooler

    Counterflow pellet cooler, the best cooling machine cool pellets to room temperature. Electric panel automatic control discharge pellets.
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  • Ring Die Pellet Mill Spare Parts

    We provide spare parts of ring die pellet mill. Roller assembly, rooler shell, cutter unit, ring die, gear, shaft., etc for both horizontal and vertical ring die pellet mill. Accept customize according to you specific requirement.
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  • Horizontal Pellet Cooler

    Horizontal pellet cooler, sieving pellets and cooling pellets at same time. Cooling pellets in small quantity, small pellet line use pellet cooler.
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  • Vertical Mixer

    Vertical machine is ideal mixer for small quantity feed pellets making. High level mixing evenness, easy operate, simple structure easy to feed and discharge. We produce mixer and grinder all in one machine, which can grinding the material and mixing the material by one...
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  • Double Shaft Mixing Machine

    Double shaft mixing machine is a kind of mixer machine, which is widely used for mixing of powder, granular, flake, block, irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed, cereal, food, chemicals, medicine, pesticide,etc. Our SSHJ Series double shaft high efficiency...
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  • Pellet Packing Machine

    Pellet packing machine Pellet packing machine is an quantitive packing machine, machine include material tank, weighing device, sensor, bag clamp device, heat sealer, sewing sealer, sealing conveyor, electric control panel. Material feed into tank, the weighing device and...
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