Pellet Line Accessory Equipment

Pellet line accesspry equipment, is the accessory in a biofuel pellet line like wood debarking machine, pellet cooler, pellet packing machine, conveyo., etc. We have ability to OEM pellet line accessory equipment.
  • Wood Debarking Machine

    Wood debarking machine, peel the barks of wood logs with high peeling rate. Double roller, high strength teeth.
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  • Counterflow Pellet Cooler

    Counterflow pellet cooler, the best cooling machine cool pellets to room temperature. Electric panel automatic control discharge pellets.
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  • Horizontal Pellet Cooler

    Horizontal pellet cooler, sieving pellets and cooling pellets at same time. Cooling pellets in small quantity, small pellet line use pellet cooler.
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  • Pellet Packing Machine

    Pellet packing machine Pellet packing machine is an quantitive packing machine, machine include material tank, weighing device, sensor, bag clamp device, heat sealer, sewing sealer, sealing conveyor, electric control panel. Material feed into tank, the weighing device and...
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  • Ton Bag Bagging Machine

    Packing range 100-2000kg/bag Automatic weighing, high weighing accuracy Suitable for pellets, granule and soild powder.
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