Double Shaft Mixing Machine

Double shaft mixing machine is a kind of mixer machine, which is widely used for mixing of powder, granular, flake, block, irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed, cereal, food, chemicals, medicine, pesticide,etc. Our SSHJ Series double shaft high efficiency mixer machine......

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Double shaft mixing machine 

Double shaft mixing machine is a kind of mixer machine, which is widely used for mixing of powder, granular, flake, block, irregular and sticky materials in the industries of feed, cereal, food, chemicals, medicine, pesticide,etc.

Our SSHJ Series double shaft high efficiency mixer machine synthesize essence of double shafts paddle mixer at home and abroad and develop, it is a kind of Low-speed, high efficiency, energy saving ideal mixing equipment. With high Mixing homogeneity, no mixing dead angle, short mixing period (30-120 seconds/batch)and mixing evenly. Entire-bottom type pneumatic big-door-open discharging, with fast discharging performance and at low material residue rate;Discharging with good seal and reliable,have no leakage.Loading with big variable range,equipped with grease adding pipe in machine body,could be appropriate to add a variety of liquids. The mixer with compact structure, beautiful shape, small space than other mixing equipment. Mixed fast and smooth, stable performance, low noise, no dust, no pollution, etc.

The machine consists of two rotors which in the opposite rotating direction, there are several special angle paddle welded on the rotor. On the one hand, paddle driving materials along machine intine for anticlockwise rotation, on the other hand, paddle driving materials turning around. The intersection overlap between two rotors form a weight loss zone, in this area, regardless materials shape, size and density can make the material floating and weightlessness at the moment, this makes the material in the machine tank to form all-wave continuous cycle turning, Intertwining and cutting, so as to achieve fast and smooth mixing efficiency.


1. Machine body 2. Spindle, paddle assembly 3. Hopper 4. Grease adding pipe 5. Chain tension wheel 6. Reducer 7. Chain wheel 8. Pneumatic door-opening structure 9. Door-hinge,door-arm,discharging door assembly.

Rotor and and its driving of double shaft mixer

Rotor is composed of paddle, shaft and knighthead. Motor through reducer, chain drive the rotor to a certain speed operation, installed paddles in the double-shafts with a certain angle could spilled materials into the entire container. Materials in an instant weightless and extensive cross form a flow layer and mixing, material also prompt by paddles at same time. Along the shaft do radial motion thus form all-wave combined cycle.

Machine body

Machine body is W type. Both ends of machine body have a return duct,machine body connected by return duct, feeding and discharging material, the air discharged by material could circulating in this space, will not overflow outside the machine.

Discharging door and seal device

Discharging door is composed of door-body, bracket arm and adjusting nut. It with seal parts around of discharging door, when the discharging door shut tight, rubber sealed strip which close to seal parts side of door to avoid material leakage. Sealed strip could be replaced when it damaged or aging. If necessary, adjust the location of adjusting nut to change the distance between bracket arm and door-body, to make discharging door keep a level with machine shell bottom circular surface and to seal.

Discharging control system

Discharging control system is composed of cylinder, connecting rod, universal driving shaft and travel switch. Discharging door installed on universal driving shaft, universal driving shaft connect with assistant driven rocker of connecting rod, cylinder head hinge with driven rocker. Cylinder reciprocated and to make universal driving shaft rotate through connecting rod, thereby driving discharging door open or close.

Liquid adding pipe

Liquid adding pipe installed on the top of machine body, it's composed of pipe and nozzle, liquid sector sprayed by nozzle. Several nozzles distribute evenly on the machine shell. Inlet of pipe have flange and connect with oil supply system.

Double shaft mixer technical data




Mixing time per batch

Mixing homogeneity





30-120 second


5.5 Kw




30-120 second


11 Kw




30-120 second


15 Kw



2000 kg/batch

30-120 second


22 Kw



3000 kg/batch

30-120 second


37 Kw

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