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Bucket elevator, screw conveyor, belt conveyor, skirt conveyor, which is the best in biofuel pellet line?
Mar 29, 2018

1. Bucket elevator

It can transfer material straight from a low point to high point.

The installation can save place compared with conveyors.

The applying of buckts makes it suitable to transfer raw materials.

But it can not used to transfer final pellets, because the buckets may damage the pellets during transferring.

In biofuel pellet line, sometimes we use bucket elevator to transfer dried grinded material to pelletizing part in big production line. Because the closed structure can reduce dust flying, the vertical installation structure can save installation area, and the bucket elevator can with with high transfer quantity.

Bucket elevator.jpg

2. Screw conveyor

The closed structure makes it suitable to transfer powder size makerial like dried sawdust, wood powder, grinded straw, peanut shell., etc.

Compared with belt conveyor, the screw conveyor have bigger installed angle, whick means use screw conveyor can send material with bigher angle of gradient.

In biofuel pellet line, we usually use screw conveyor transfer dried grinded raw material to pellet mill, espacially small or lower capacity pellet line, this screw conveyor is very suitable.

screw conveyor.jpg

3. Belt conveyor 

Belt conveyor is the most used conveyor in biofuel pellet line to transfer materials and pellets.

It can transfer raw material to dryer, to hammer mill, to pellet mill, to cooler and to packing machine. 

Due to the transfer angle of belt conveyor, to install the belt conveyor can not make the angle bigger than 25°, so usually in biofuel pellet line use the belt conveyor to transfer material to dryer and hammer mill.

belt conveyor.jpg

4. Skirt conveyor

It is a kind of belt conveyor, the belt on the conveyor is skirt belt with baffle to improve the elevating angle.

With the baffle on the belt, the material can not all back during elevating and the transfer angle can be 45°-55°

The skirt conveyor is best solution to transfer the final pellets.



By the above comparation

Consider the economical and installation area, in biofuel pellet line, before dryer and hammer the best conveying solution is belt conveyor, before pellet mill use screw conveyor or bucket elevator (usually screw conveyor cost lower), from pellet mill to cooler and from cooler to packing machine the best conveying solution is skirt conveyor.

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