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what is the machines needed for a wood pellet production line
Mar 06, 2017

For a complete pellet line the flowchart is as following:

wood debarking machine----wood chipper---biomass dryer---hammer mill---pellet mill---pellet cooler---pellet packing machine

except these main machines, the conveyors, magnet, blower, cyclone, airlock, de-duster is also necessary for a pellet line.

The above flowchart is a complete pellet line for wood logs with high moisture moisture.

In actual there do not need to put all of the equipment in a pellets line, to get a most economical and functional pellet line first should refer to moisture and size of raw material.

If moisture >15%, need dryer, if size >5mm need hammer mill or chipper and crusher, this two step is before pelletizing.

That is to say, first step is to see if need dryer and hammer mill according to raw material features

Second step is choose a suitable pellet mill 

Following pellet mill is pellet cooler and packing machine

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