MZLH420 Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

MZLH420 Sawdust Pellet Making Machine

produce wood pellet with high output and low electricity consumption, longer lifetime ring die, each ring die can make 800-1000 tons pellets, equip with international name brand bearing, automatic lubricator optional for lubricate the bearings...

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MZLH420 sawdust pellet making machine is the most popular pellet making machine among horizontal ring die pellet mill, this pellet making machine is designed and produce under very mature technology, it is an important machine in wood pellet plant.

The MZLH420 sawdust pellet making machine applied ring die pressing method, in the pelletizing chamber rollers press sawdust into hole of ring die, during the ring die rotating, sawdust pressed out from the hole and get pellet. The cutter can adjust the length of pellets.

Our MZLH420 sawdust pellet making machine applied gearbox transmission system, use coupling connect the 90Kw motor to the gearbox, motor can drive the gears inside gearbox directly,  thus greatly improve the transmission efficiency.

pellet machine.jpg

Pelletizing chamber drawing

ring die.jpg

Ring die

roller shell.jpg

Roller shell

MZLH420  pellet machine technical parameters         Why choose our MZLH420 sawdust pellet making machine



1. It can make wood pellelt with diameter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

2. Best choice for people want to make wood pellets

3. The final pellets can meet EN or DIN plus standard

4. SFK and NSK famous brand bearings  to make sure the stability working with low noise

5. Special designed lubrication system make the lubrication easier, operator can add grease to bearings even machine is working 

    we also have automatic lubricator, which can lubricate the bearing within certain time with certain grease quantity

6. Newest technology to produce ring die, greatly extend lifetime of ring die

Main motor90Kw
Feed auger motor2.2Kw
Auger rotating speed20-120rpm
Force feeder motor1.5kw
Ring die inner ø420mm
Ring die rotating speed150rpm
Roller quantiry2
Roller ø140mmFinal pellets from MZLH420 sawdust pellet making machine
Feed sawdust size3-5mmsawdust pellet making machine.jpg
Feed sawdust moisture

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