Vertical Ring Die Pellet Plant

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Plant

Vertical ring die pellet plant is more and more popular. The machine itself is much suitable for soft material like straw and grass. Starw pellets can be fuel for powerplants, home heating and so on. The lifetime of ring die is longer. Automatic grease lubrication system make maintain easier....

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Vertical Ring Die Pellet Plant 

Vertical ring die pellet plant..jpgVertical ring die pellet plant is use vertical ring die pellet mill as the main machine in peleltizing part, together with hammer mill, biomass drying machine, pellet cooler and pellet packing machine to make up a pellet production plant.

The vertical ring die pellet plant can produce biofuel pellets from wood, straw, greas, corn cobs, sunflow husk, rice husk, coconut shell, peanut shell., etc biomass material.

Normally vertical ring die pellet plant include the material grinding part, material drying part, pelletizing part, pellet cooling part and packing part.

--The purpose of grinding part is to prepare the raw material, grinding the raw material to <5mm size, because to make biofuel pellets before material feed into pellet mill the size of raw material <5mm is the best. In this part according to the feature of different kind of raw material we choose different machines to griding different raw material. The wood chipper, hammer mill or wood crusher is widely used to grinding the raw material.

--Biomass drying part, the purpose is to dry the moisture of biomass material to 12-15% before it feed into pellet mill. Rotary dryer and flash dryer are two kinds biomass drying machine, if the capacity is <1t/h and raw material initial moisture is <40% can use flash dryer, otherwise rotary drum dryer is the best choice.

--Pelletizing part, in this part the <5mm size dried biomass material will compressed to biofuel pellets, the compressing process is called pelletizing. 

   Vertical ring die pellet mill have it's unique advantages and it is one of the most popular pellet mills to make biofuel pellets. 

   The structure of vertical ring die pellet mill makes it easier to feed biomass material into pelletizing chamber, and the duplex side ring die greatly expand the lifetime of ring die.

-- The cooling part and packing part is same as horizontal ring die pellet line, for any kind of biofuel pellet line, the cooling part and packing part is same, use counter flow pellet cooler and pellet packing machine.

Vertical ring die pellet plant features:Vertical ring die pellet plant.jpg

1. Complete pellet plant to producewood pellets and other kind of biofuel pellets, suitable for different kind of biomass material

2. The vertical ring die pellet mill easier to operate and maintenance

3. Lifetime of ring die is longer

4. Vertical structure, rollers running while ring die is stable, reduce the pressure to mainshaft, thus to improve the efficiency

5. We can design the plant according to features of raw material

6. We have vertical ring die pellet plant with different kind of capacity, such as: 800-1000kg/h, 1000-1500kg/h, 1500-2000kg/h, 2000-3000kg/h and 4000-5000kg/h.

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