4-5t/H Biomass Pellet Line

4-5t/H Biomass Pellet Line

Big capacity pellet line, produce pellets in industry purpose. We provide detailed factory drawing before order, send engineer team to install the pellet line after delivery, provide overseas after sell service. Ideal pellet line for pellet plant investor...

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4-5t/h Biomass Pellet Line

4-5t/h biomass pellet line is a big pellet line to produce biofuel pellets from biomass material, like wood pellets, rice husk pellets, straw pellets, EFB pellets., etc.

All the final pellets from this pellet line is biofuel pellets, it can be fuel for boilers, power plants, the biofuel pellets is clean energy and very popular in developed and developing counties.

The raw material/feedstock to this biomass pellet line can be any kind of wood material, straw, grass, agricultural waste, rice husk, EFB, and other kind of biomass material.

The 4-5t/h biomass pellet line belong to large pellet production line, usually it is for industrial purpose, people invest such a pellet line, the owner buy biomass material, employ labour to operate the production line and sell the final pellets on market.

To install a 4-5t/h biomass pellet line need a factory obout 1200 square meters, because for such a pellet line there is a lot of machines, the equipment itself takes a lot place, and there need a huge place to storage raw material/feedstock and final pellets.

The component of a 4-5t/h biomass pellet line is: raw material pre-grinding which usually include chipper/shredder and hammer mill/wood crusher, biomass drying machine, pellet mills, pellet cooler, pellet packing machine, conveyors, de-dust system and control panels.

Biomass pellet line..jpg* the raw material pre-grinding is a basic step to make biofuel pellets, it aim to process the size of biomass material <5mm. 

   for different kind of material may need different machines to handle it, for example if feedstock is wood logs, we use wood chipper to chipping the logs to chips first and then use hammer mill to grinding the chips to <5mm size. if raw material is straw use hammer mill can crush them directly, if raw material is EFB, the EFB shredder and hammer mill is needed.

* the biomass drying machine play an significant role in biomass pellet line, because to make pellets need to dry the biomass material to 12-15% moisture content. As we known drying biomass material in large quantity is a big work, especially for the biomass material which have high initial moisture contain like 50-60% or higher. Thus a high efficiency dyer is very important, usually for this kind of high moisture evaporation drying process the rotary drum dryer is necessary, and if can put a pellet furnace or sawdust furnace to the dryer is better. A pellet furnace or sawdust furnace have higher efficiency than traditional biomass stove, it can make enough hot air to the dryer system.

* the pellet mill is important part in the biomass pelelt line, can compress the dried finely biomass material into pellets.

   for the pellet mill, the compression ratio is pivotal, for different kind of biomass material, the compression ratio of ring die is different, if the compression ratio is not correct the pellet mill can not make good pellets.

Pellets..jpg* pellets from pellet mill is hot, it can not pack into bags directly, need a cooler to cooling it to room temperature. Another reason need cooler is the hot pellets storage together will get cooling slowly, during the storage period the pellets surface will got crack, with the counter flow cooler, the pellets do not crack and the surface can keep shiny and the hardness of pellets will got better.  Packing is the last step in a pellet line, we have different method of packing: pack the pellet in small bags 10-100kg, and pack the pellets in 500-2000kg big bags, we can make a soultion of packing according to client requirement.

pellets.jpg* the control system is important to a big biomass pellet line, there need to have chain reaction, need to have overload protection system. 

* the de-dust device is essential to a big biomass pellet line, because of the big output, during machine working there is a lot dust, especially in hammer mill and dryer, must need de-dust device to control the dust. As a reason if dust is too much in a fcatory it may explode, so after hammer mill, rotary dryer, pellet mill, cooler we have de-dust system connect to the main machines.

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