Sawdust Pellet Production Line

Sawdust Pellet Production Line

Sawdust pellet line, simple machines flowchart, low invest with good quality pellets and high profit. Easy operate, suitable for beginners for pellet making....

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Sawdust Pellet Production Line

Design Flowchart.jpgSawdust is an ideal raw material to make biofuel wood pellets, because the preparation work is simple, investment is low, producing procedure is simple and the final wood pellets from sawdust with high bulk density and heating value.

Use sawdust to produce pellets the flowchart is quite easy:

--if the sawdust is not pure, for example there have big size wood block in the sawdust, it need precleaning, usually use drum sieve to pick out the big pieces from sawdust.

--if the sawdust moisture is higher than 15% need a dryer to dry the moisture before pellet machine, if moisture is lower than 15% can start from pellet machine directly. 

--after pellet machine make pellets, need to cooling down the pellets and pack the pellets into bags for easier delivery.

Advantages of sawdust pellet production line:

1. simple production line, do not need chipper or hammer mill to prepare raw material, because usually sawdust is around 5mm size, it is good size make pellets

2. small installation area, low power consumption, low investment and operate cost

3. easy operate, from electric panel can start stop the production line directly

and the electric panel have protection system for the motors

4. final pellets with high calorific value, hardness and bulk density

5. can make 6mm, 8mm, 10mm diameter pellets, length of pellets adjustable

7. the final pellets can meet DIN or EN A plus standard

We have 0.5t/h, 1t/h, 1.5t/h, 2t/h, 3t/h, 4-5t/h sawdust pellet line, we can design larger capacity sawdust pellet line as your request.

Below is machine description for 2t/h sawdust pellet production line:

1. Drying part

Drying part.jpgTo make sawdust pellet, usually drying equipment is necessary, because to make pellets the best moisture is 12-15%, most of the sawdust collected moisture is higher than 15%, so need a dryer to dry the moisture of sawdust lower than 15% is the first step to make wood pellets from sawdust. for small capacity production line a flash dryer can do the work, as for 2t/h sawdust pellet production line, use a rotary drum dryer to dry the sawdust is the best solution, cause the rotary dryer can dry biomass material with large quantity and high efficiency, the rotating speed of drum tube is adjustable so it can deal with sawdust with different moisture contain level. The rotary drum dryer can handle sawdust with initial mositure max to 60-70% .

2t/h drying capacity, our HJ1500 model rotary drum dryer is capable, the diameter of drum tube is 1.5 meters, the length of the drum tube is 12 meters. It apply single layer (single pass) design, inner the drum tube there is more space for sawdust coming through, sawdust can not block inside.


Motor power


Drum diameter

Drum length




1.5 m


Pelletizing part.jpg2. Pelletizing part

Pelletizing part is the most important part in a 2t/h sawdust pellet productionline, it include the conveyer feeding system, hopper storage for pellet mills, pellet mills and automatic control system, the sawdust go to storage hopper from a belt conveyor or screw conveyor, then from storage hopper feed to the pelelt mills.

Use two sets MZLH420 horizontal ring die pellet mill to get 2t/h output wood pellet is the best solution, because the MZLH420 model is the best most among the horizontal ring die pellet mil, it have good performance and stability. Use two sets pellet mill have another advantage: if one pellet mill is under maintenance you can still use another one to continuous make pellet.

The MZLH420 ring die pellet mill equipped feeder and force feeder. the feed auger is VFD control it can adjust the feeding speed to avoid sawdust block in pelletizing chamber because of overload. The force feeder and feeder scraper can help to prush the sawdust into ring die, thus to improve the productivity.


Motor power









3. Cooling and packing part

Cooling and packing part.jpgThe cooler is nessary for big capacity pellet line, because from the pellet mill temperature of pellets is upto 60-80 celsius, if cooling by nature or cooling too slowly the surface of pellets will crack, so a efficient cooling system is important after pelletizing part, that is why it need a counter flow cooler after pellet mill.

The counter flow pellet cooler include the cooler mainbody, de-dust system, feeding airlock and discharge system, together with the cooler also have a pelelt sieve. The cooler can cooling the temperature of pellets to room temperature, from the electric panel can adjust the cooling time, the whole system is automatic work under control of electric panel. The pellet sieve is used to pick out the small pellets or pwoder from pellets, so that only the good pellets goes to packing or storage, the small pellets or powder can go back to pellet mill to make pellets again.

After cooler some client require a packing machine to pack the pellets into bags, some client require a big atorage tank to storage the pellets and deliver the pellets directly without packing. We can make the design as client requirement.

We have packing machine to pack the pellets, it can weight the pellets to a value set in the PLC controller, discharge pellets to bags and seal the bags. The accuracy of the packing machine is high. 

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