Rice Husk Pellet Plant

Make bio fuel pellets from riuce husk is easy, only need to start from pellet mill. Rice husk pellets is good fuel source for powerplants, nowadays rice husk pellets is also suing for animal bedding....

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Rick Husk Pellet Plant

Rice husk pellets.jpgEvery year there is a lot rice husk produced from rice mill, the rice husk takes a lot place to storage and sell the rice husk is very cheap. To deliver the rice husk waste a lot money because the rice husk bulk density is low and the volume is huge. To burn the rice husk directly is not good, because the heating value is low and there is a lot dust when buring.

Our design of rice husk pellet plant to turn rice husk into biofuel pellets can solve all the problem mentioned above. And make pellets from rice husk is easy and investment is low.

Because the rice husk from rice mill moisture is usually around 13-14%, it is extremely the best moisture to make biofuel pellets with ring die pellet mill, the moisture of rice husk from rice mill is uniformly . And the rice husk from rice mill is very pure, there is no other impurities, the size is almost the same, so do not need precleaning equipment, do not need drying equipment, it can make pellet directly. These are the advantages for rice husk to be raw material to make biofuel pellets.

Advantages of rice husk pellets and rice husk pellet plant:

rice husk pellet plant.jpg1. the rice husk can come to pellet mill to make pellets directly, do not need hammer mill or crusher to grinding it.

2. collect rice husk is easy, if you are rice husk owner turn rice husk into pellets can bring more profit to you and solve the problem of storage rice husk

3. only need pellet mill to make pellets, cooler to cooling down the pellets and packing machine to pack the pellets into bags, the packing machine is optional. Thus make the investment of a rice husk pellet plant is low.

4. the final rice husk pellets bulk density is high, when delivery the volume is small compared with rice husk, can save transportation cost. 

5. due to the simple structure, to install a rice husk pellet plant do not need large land

6. labor and electricity saving, because rice husk pellet plant do not need to many machines, it is easy to operate and low operation cost

7.  the hardness of rice husk pellets is high, during transportation the pellets do not broken.

8.  the heating value of rice husk pellets is high, the rice husk pellets can be good fuel to boilers, power plants and home heating 

9. rice husk pellets can also be good material for animal bedding 

Our experience on rice husk pellet plant

We Fanda Machinery have rich experience on rice husk pellets producing, we have a lot domestic and overseas clients use our pellet mill to produce rice husk pellets, in passed years we have installed a great many rice husk pellet plant for our clients, until now the rice husk pellet plants are keep working with good performance.

Our engineers are experienced on produce rice husk pellets,they know best compression ratio to make good quality rice husk pellets, can design rice husk pellet plant according to client's requirement or factory size.

We can send experienced engineers to your counry for the installation,  commissioning of our rice husk pellet plant and training your staff.

With years development, we have 600-800kg/h rice husk pellet plant, 1t/h rice husk pellet plant, 2t/h rice husk pellet plant, 3 t/h rice husk pellet plant, 4-5t/h rice husk pellet plant. We can design rice husk pellet plant according to the capacity of your rice mill.

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